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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Link-Backup v 0.7

v 0.7 09/02/2006 scottlu
- Ignore pipe, socket, and device file types
- Added --ssh-i to select ssh id file to use (see ssh -i) (Damien Mascord)
- Added --ssh-C to perform ssh compression (see ssh -C) (David Precious)
- Added --ssh-p to specify remote port (see ssh -p) (David Precious)

A friendly user reported a failed backup, and on close inspection it turned out that link-backup was attempting to backup atypical file types such as pipes, sockets, and devices. Now link-backup knows how to ignore those types of files.

Added --ssh-C on request to compress the transfer stream. If you're mainly backing up already compressed files such as pictures and music, --ssh-C is likely not to be a win. For other types of files, it'll save some bandwidth.

Added --ssh-i and ssh-p on request. Good options, thanks for the suggestions and code!

Get Link-Backup here.