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CExe is a Win32 based .exe compressor. It has a framework for multiple compressors and tries them all, choosing the compressor that results in the smallest size. It even compresses the choosen decompressor code with a secondary compressor. Currently the framework has compressors for lzw and zlib. zlib usually wins; however if the file is small lzw can be better since the lzw decompressor is small.

Here are some results:

Program Old size (bytes) New size (bytes) Percent Savings
mspaint.exe 339728 170496 49.81%
excel.exe 5604624 3492352 37.69%
winhlp32.exe 311056 178688 42.55%
sort.exe 24848 14848 40.24%
winver.exe 20752 12800 38.32%
sw98.exe 124416 50688 59.26%

The source code is licensed under GPL.

last modified June 18, 2006, at 12:28 AM