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EZSetup is a PocketPC / Windows CE application install maker. It takes your .cab file, .ini file, a readme.txt, and a eula.txt (End User License Agreement) and creates a simple installer .exe, than when run on a desktop PC installs the CE / PocketPC / Windows Mobile (etc) app on the device.

When the installer runs, it brings up the readme.txt, then brings up the eula.txt, assuming the user presses "ok" it then hands off the .cab to ceappmgr.exe (the ActiveSync tool that understands how to install .cabs onto connected devices).

As part of EZSetup, it compresses the final installer .exe using CExe and the result is a nicely compressed installer for your CE application.

As a bonus, it is all command line driven, so it can be part of your build process easily. Here is what I do for PocketChess:

ezsetup -l english -i pocketchess.ini -r readme.txt -e eula.txt -o PocketChessSetup.exe

v1.1 has support for English, German, or French installer text. EZSetup is widely used in the PocketPC / Win CE community.

EZSetup is released under GPL.

Since its release others have added various features. In some cases developers have customized the look for their application. In other cases, developers have made feature changes and have made the results available to the community. You can find more links here.
last modified June 18, 2006, at 12:28 AM