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In 1996 I wrote Invaders for the recently released Pilot 1000 before there was an official SDK for it. Darrin Massena had discovered MacsBug symbols in the Pilot ROMs and had pieced together a rudimentary SDK which I used to create Invaders (which is a from scratch creation modeled after Apple Invaders).I posted Invaders.prc to comp.sys.palmtops on 6/25/96, before Palm had an official SDK available. Invaders qualified as the first 3rd party Palm application (that I'm aware of).

Invaders for Pilot 1000 Apple Invaders (for comparison)

It is adapted to the Palm's display but otherwise is a very faithful Apple Invaders reproduction in terms of images, timing, and game play. Unfortunately later I received a cease and desist letter from Taito Corp. claiming that I was distributing their copyrighted work "Space Invaders" and therefore infringing upon Taito's copyright. Not wanting to argue, I no longer distribute my Invaders program. If you wish to see how it works you can download the source code for Palm, Palm-sized PC or Handheld PC.

The famous cease and desist letter:

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