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PocketChess for Palm

I created PocketChess v1.0 for Pilot 1000 in 1996. The program size was 27K and featured a simple chess playing opponent. It employed an easy to use pen interface for either dragging or tapping pieces and squares to indicate move. It had 8 levels of play, reverse board, switch sides, setup board. PocketChess was a popular free download for several years and saw ports to other platforms. Eventually I licensed distribution rights to Handmark, Inc.

PocketChess for Pilot 1000

Original PocketChess v1.0 for Pilot 1000
No longer available for download

PocketChess Deluxe for Palm

PocketChess Deluxe v2.5 for Palm OS 3.5 and above PocketChess Companion
Published by Handmark, Inc
Created by Tinyware, Inc

PocketChess Deluxe features a wide set of functionality including advanced features such as variations, full PGN support, annotations, comments, a desktop PC based companion, a library of over 3000 games, PGN import / export and 2 way hotsync via PocketChess Companion, and many other features. Here is the full list (taken from the marketing materials):

  • Customize your game
    • Single and multi-player options including Infrared Play
    • Customize difficulty level of computer opponent
    • Customize board views and toolbar
    • Create your own board design and color scheme or choose from one of the exclusive designs
    • Optional clocks and sound effects
  • Improve your game
    • "How to" instructions and Hints
    • Move variation support
    • Undo moves
    • View pieces taken
    • Move backward and forward through all moves
    • Solve over 300 chess problems
    • Study 3000+ games from the Grand Master
  • Expand your Game Library
    • Full PGN Support
    • Import and export games - Download more famous games here!
    • Save and reload the games you've played
    • Optional Desktop Companion to organize and walk through games move-by-move on larger screen
  • Features for Advance Players
    • Resign Game Command
    • Add comments, move and position annotation
    • Copy move list, board or position to the clipboard
    • Beam games or collection of games to other players
    • Blindfold Chess

The PocketChess Companion is a desktop PC based application for importing / exporting / viewing / managing and hotsyncing chess games in PGN fomat.
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