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PocketChess for PocketPC

After creating PocketChess for Palm I ported PocketChess to the grayscale Windows CE Palm-sized PC platform. This was before Microsoft renamed the platform to PocketPC. Chess piece art by Christian Morency. Once PocketPC hit the scene, Robert Ryan made the necessary changes for that platform, followed by work from Casey Margell for color and other features.

PocketChess for Palm-sized PC PocketChess for PocketPC
Published by Handmark, Inc
Created by Tinyware, Inc

This version is not as featured as PocketChess Deluxe for Palm (no hotsync conduit for example, no variation support, etc)., however it is plenty feature rich for most players. Here is a short list of features:

  • Play against the computer or a friend.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Choose from 8 levels of skill.
  • Export to PGN
  • Save & load games
  • Opening move libary
  • Board setup
  • Full move list
  • List of captured pieces
  • Copy moves to clipboard
  • Undo
  • Hint
  • Reverse board
  • Switch sides
  • Play Black
  • Sound effects
  • Full help
and others!

PocketChess for Windows CE Handheld PC

Early in the release of Windows CE, Microsoft released a version for a form-factor called "Handheld PC". This is the clamshell form with a screen that is wider than tall (both 640x240 and 480x240), and "Handheld PC Pro" which was essentially the same layout but larger. I did a quick port of PocketChess to these platforms however over time Microsoft has de-emphasized these platforms over PocketPC. Chess piece graphics by Christian Morency.

PocketChess for Windows CE Handheld PC
Price: free

Download PocketChess v1.0 for Handheld PC 2.x and above
Download PocketChess v1.0 for Handheld PC 1.x and above
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