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Quarxon | Caterpiggle

In 1982/83 I made Quarxon and Caterpiggle, two Atari 400/800 6502-based games. They were published through Atari Program Exchange (APX) and saw retail distribution. In the quarter that Quarxon was submitted it won a first place prize. In the quarter that Caterpiggle was submitted it won a second place prize (losing first place to Greg Christensen's excellent Caverns of Mars).

Quarxon1982 download | download

Caterpiggle1983 download | download

I recommend running these from the multi-platform Atari800 emulator. You'll find officially sanctioned ROM files there too.

Quarxon selling retail in 1982 / 1983. What distinctive packaging!

In 1995 I posted to USENET declaring them both public domain:

From: scottlu
Date: 6 Dec 1995 03:20:06 GMT

I wrote 2 games, one called "Quarxon", the other "Caterpiggle" back in
1982 and published them through APX (Atari Program Exchange), for Atari
400's and 800's. Please officially consider them public domain now,
and feel free to distribute them.

Thanks to those who helped me (re)obtain copies of them. Does this
newsgroup accept binaries? If so I'll post them.

After this I was contacted by James Hague who was interviewing classic game programmers for a book called Halcyon Days (it is now available in web form). My interview is here. I am very impressed with the quality of the book.
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