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Vexed 2.0 is a fun ordered combination puzzle game. Vexed 2.0 was a team effort of multiple individuals which started from the Vexed 1.x source code by James McCombe. My contribution was a level solver, level pack generator (which uses the solver), loadable level pack support, a par based scoring system, and other misc items. The solver uses A* with pruning heuristics to find solutions. The generator creates pseudo-random levels that the solver attempts to solve. If solvable the level is then filtered according to a set of criteria to judge style and difficulty. The output of is used by other tools to make level packs that have 60 levels per pack, with solutions. The current version of Vexed ships with a variety of these different level packs.

The Vexed project page is here.

last modified September 03, 2004, at 09:51 PM